That delightful experience that you enjoy when driving your car can come to a sudden standstill in case it breaks down. When that happens, you may end up frustrated by the unwillingness of other drivers to help tow your car to the garage for repair. However, provided you're dealing with the right company, there's no reason to get worked up whenever your car needs to be towed for repair.

In the same line, the following points should be considered when you're choosing a car towing company.

Round-the-clock Service

Whether it's on a business day or not, a good car towing company should rapidly come to your aid wherever you are. After all, you can't deliberately leave your car unattended in the middle of the road just because it's very late in the night or too early in the morning. This implies that you'll need a company that works 24/7 to ensure that they answer your distress calls promptly no matter the time of the day.

Geographical Jurisdiction

Before you can identify a suitable towing company, it is crucial for you to ask if its services extend into certain geographical jurisdictions. This is because some companies may offer towing services from one city to another but not from one state to another. In some cases, legal barriers such as lack of the necessary operational documents such as road licenses may limit their jurisdiction to enter certain areas.

Expected Time of Arrival

Estimating how much time might elapse before the van or truck sent to tow your car will arrive is very critical especially in emergency situations. Therefore, find out if the car towing company that you've contacted is located near the place where you're stranded as this can reduce waiting time.

Competitive Prices

Just like repair costs, towing services are an additional cost of car service. While you might not have to tow your car every time it needs repair, you're probably keen on cutting down the overall cost of car maintenance. Because of that, you need to conduct a prior online research to gain a rough idea of the prevailing rates charged for the specific type of towing service that you require.


While there are quite a number of ways that car towing businesses can adopt to charge for their services, it's important for you to choose a business whose payment method is convenient and easy to understand. For example, it will be easy for you to calculate the amount due to a company that charges a per-mile fee for all towing miles at a certain local market rate.

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