When you are buying your car, you often have to choose whether to buy one with automatic or manual transmission. There are many people that find it difficult to operate the manual transmission, while there are others who feel that automatic transmissions are problematic. If your car has the automatic version, you need to have the necessary tips to ensure you maintain it properly. This will ensure that you get long service from the system. One of the ways to do this maintenance is regularly checking the transmission fluid.

Transmission Fluid

Every car owner knows that the engine oil needs to be checked regularly and replaced. However, not many people pay attention to the transmission fluid. When you are dealing with an automatic transmission, it is important to know that repairs can be quite expensive. It is, therefore, in your best interest to learn how to avoid having the transmission system damaged. One of the ways is to check the transmission fluid and change it. This is the most important component of the automatic transmission as it provides lubrication to the many moving parts of the system. It also helps with the transfer of hydraulic pressure in order to shift the gears.

Locating the Transmission Dipstick

You need to check your car manual in order to locate where the transmission dipstick is. Once it is located, you can check it as you would check the engine oil. Depending on the model of your car, you might need to have the engine on or off. For instance, in some cars you have to ensure the engine is off. In other vehicles the engine should be on while the transmission is in Park mode. There are even newer cars that do not have a transmission dipstick and you have to get the fluid level checked at a repair shop.

Checking the Transmission Fluid                                                                                             

If your car requires that the checking be done while the engine is running, turn it on and put the shift lever at P. You should remove the dipstick and wipe it clean before putting it back. When you pull it out, check the if the fluid level is between the maximum and minimum markings on the dipstick. Wipe the stick on a white piece of paper or towel. When it is new, the fluid is red, but as it deteriorates it becomes brownish. Ensure that you change it before it darkens completely. This will help ensure that your auto transmission is operating properly.

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