When you see an an auto wrecker truck barreling down the road, you probably think the driver is off to tow someone's vehicle. And while this is one of the services that an auto wrecker offers, there are other valuable things this professional can do for you. Here are some of the things you can expect if you ever need to contract with an auto wrecker.

They Clean Up Accident Scenes -- In many accidents, auto wreckers are among the first responders, with police or ambulances. Insurance companies often call auto wreckers out the instant you phone in your accident report, and auto wreckers don't just mount your vehicle onto their trucks; they are also tasked with cleaning up the accident scene so that any glass or vehicle parts on the road are cleared away before they can cause another accident. Auto wreckers will typically transport your vehicle to an insurance-approved auto mechanic shop or to a junkyard if your car is totalled at the scene.

They Sell and Buy Vehicles -- A lot of auto wreckers have large junkyards or lots in which they host auctions for cars that have been impounded or towed due to owner abandonment. In most cases, impounded or towed cars are put up for sale to the highest bidder if the rightful owners do not arrive to claim them within 30 days. Once that time period has passed, auto wreckers hold auctions in which the public is invited to bid on whatever cars are available. You can obtain great bargains at auto wrecker auctions, but it's definitely a 'buyer beware' situation, as there is no warranty offered with these kinds of sales. In contrast, if your car has chugged its last litre of petrol and is no longer running or worth repairing, you can sell it to an auto wrecker, who will pay you cash in order to recycle and sell of usable parts.

They Sell Spare Parts -- If you don't have the money to repair your own car with new parts, you can visit an auto wrecker yard to find spare parts that your mechanic can use to get your car up and running. The most common types of spare parts available at an auto wrecker yard are tires, rims, windscreens, carburetors, engines, starters, alternators, master cylinders, bumpers, headlights and mirrors. Buying used spare parts will save you money, and some of the larger parts such as engines usually have limited warranties.

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