As a driver in Australia, finding a good auto repairs shop is a necessity. There are hundreds of auto repairs technicians in the country and the best way to avoid being ripped off is to be prepared. Having knowledge on how your vehicle works and how to identify common car problems is a good start. It's also important to know how to find a good technician, the things to look out for and the questions to ask.

This will save you from making mechanical mistakes or paying for repairs that don't solve the problem. Here are some tips on how to find a good auto repairs shop:

Shop for a repair shop beforehand

Most people do not look for a repair shop until it is necessary. This might force you to settle for the nearest shop in the event that your vehicle breaks down due to lack of an alternative. However, having established a good technician in advance will come in handy at this moment. You are also able to make better decisions when you are not rushed.


Look for Approved Auto and Auto body (AAA) repairs shop. This is an approved auto repairs shop whose technicians acquire the required certifications of competence in auto mobile repair. The Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations in Australia requires individuals to have auto repair certificates to carry on the business. If these certifications are not displayed, you can ask to see them before committing your vehicle for repair.

Your vehicle's model

Determine whether the shop or technician has experience working on the same make and model vehicle as yours. Some shops specialize on the models of vehicles they work on. A model-specific shop can quickly identify and correct the problem. Specialists dealing with specific models have the knowledge, equipment, and computer systems necessary to identify and rectify a problem. A generalized repair shop may not be able to identify the problem as fast. Sometimes, it can take several visits before your car is correctly fixed which might be costly in the end.

Organization and cleanliness

Look for a clean and organized repair shop with modern equipment in the service bays. The management and staff should also be courteous, helpful and ready to answer your questions. The facility's image and level of professionalism can tell whether or not your needs will be met.

Repair charges

Ask how the shop prices its work before arranging for any repairs. Some shops charge a flat rate for labor while others charge depending on the amount of time a technician spends working. Find out if there are charges for diagnostics. Once you decide to get the work done, ask for a written and signed copy of estimated costs. This should indicate the condition to be repaired, parts needed and the expected labor charge.

Ultimately, only you can decide the best repairs shop for your vehicle. However, considering all these factors, you will be able to get a quality auto repairs technician for your vehicle. To learn more, contact a company like Western Suburbs Automatics.