A caravan, motor home, or trailer can be a great investment for any family or individual. It gives you the freedom to travel at a moment's notice, and it allows you some creature comforts without the expense of a hotel room. When shopping for a caravan you may be a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and features they offer, but you should take the time to investigate all those details so you know you find the right one. You also want to think about how you will use your caravan the most, so note the following considerations.

1. Consider the parks where you'll stay

Not all caravans are welcome at all parks, as some parks have a size limit for trailers and motor homes, and some don't allow pop-up trailers. Some parks may also only provide a certain wattage for electrical hookup, and if your motor home requires a lot of electricity for all those creature comforts, you may be limited as to the parks you can visit. Be careful about investing in an oversized motor home or something very stripped down and basic if you want real freedom when you travel, or do some research on parks you'd like to visit in the near future and note any restrictions you'll need to consider.

2. Consider towing capacity and fuel consumption

An oversized caravan may provide all the comforts of home when travelling, but the larger the caravan, the more wear and tear on a towing vehicle and the more fuel consumption for that vehicle or a motor home you'll use for travelling. While a caravan can be more affordable than staying in a hotel room, you want to ensure you figure this cost, and if your vehicle can even tow that size trailer behind it, when making a purchase.

3. Note the size of water tanks

The size of the freshwater tank in a caravan will tell you how much water it will provide for bathing and washing dishes before the tank needs refilling. The black water tank is what the toilet flushes into, and this needs to be emptied regularly. Note the size of these tanks, as the larger they are, the more fresh water you'll have and the less often you'll need to empty the tank. Larger tanks may add weight to the caravan as you drive or tow it, but it can mean a more comfortable stay in your caravan when you're on the road.

Talk with someone from a company like The Caravan Company Pty Ltd if you have specific questions about caravan types, and you might even find that a used caravan fits your budget and style.