Not all windscreen damage is avoidable. But by being alert to danger situations and taking some simple steps, you can lessen the chance.

Look out for the following circumstances that can pose a risk to your windscreen.

On The Road Other vehicles on the road are a prime threat. Stones or gravel thrown up by their wheels can impact your windscreen with great force. Of course, you don't have control over other cars,  but you do have control over the distance that you travel behind them. Tailgating increases the risk of being hit by stones from the car in front.

If the vehicle in front is carrying a load, this creates additional risk. Flying rubbish can not only damage your windscreen but has the potential to cause an accident. Protect yourself by allowing extra distance.

Gravel can be tossed up by your own tyres, of course, but there is little you can do to minimise this risk.

Gravel and unfinished roads are other obvious hazards. The greater the speed you are travelling at when a stone hits your windscreen, the greater chance that it will cause a chip. Your best defence when travelling on gravel roads is to take it easy and go slowly.

Unfortunately, birds and wildlife can also damage your windscreen. Especially when driving in the country, pay attention to any wildlife warning signs; make sure to slow down for both their sake and yours.

Storms In a hailstone storm, you not only have to worry about stray flying objects but repeated and persistent lumps of ice. The best advice is again to reduce speed and look for shelter if you are able.

Be wary of sheltering under a tree during a wild storm, however, as falling branches are a common cause of windscreen damage. Even a small branch falling on your windscreen in the wrong way can damage the integrity of your windscreen, making it susceptible to future injury.

Parking Your Car Even your parked car is not immune from risk.  When parking in public spaces, pay attention to your surroundings. Parking next to a sports ground, for example, leaves your car open to damage from flying balls. 

Your own street or driveway can also be hazardous to windscreens if a ball game is in progress.

Being alert to possible sources of windscreen damage puts you in the best position to avoid it. On the road be careful of vehicles in front, gravel roads, and games and activity around your parked car. 

Clear visibility when driving is vital, so if you do sustain windscreen damage, make sure to have a windscreen replacement urgently to avert disaster on the road.