Off-roading is one of the best parts of having a 4WD, but unfortunately, off-roading brings along the unwanted side effect of getting stuck. So that you are never eternally mired in a mud puddle, you need a towing kit in your 4WD. Here are five essentials to include in it:

1. Shovel

When your 4WD is stuck in the mud, you can jump in the driver's seat and try to power yourself out, but unfortunately, that typically ends up in digging yourself further in. Instead of applying power, grab a shovel and start digging.

Move as much dirt and mud away from your tyres as you can, and using the shovel, create a gentle upward dirt "ramp" in front of each tyre.

2. Kitty Litter

Line your ramp and the area behind your tyres with some cheap, clay-based kitty litter. Alternatively, sand can work as well. Either of these gritty substances give your wheels traction, making it easier for them to move up and out of the mud.

3. Tyre Pressure Gauge and Compressor

Unfortunately, tyres without enough pressure in them will sink down into the mud, and they lack the firmness you need to get your 4WD unstuck. Before trying to drive or tow your 4WD out of the mud, grab your tyre pressure gauge and make sure that the tyres are inflated to the manufacturer's specifications.

If they are not, use a compressor or even a hand pump to add air as needed.

4. Snatch Straps

Snatch straps are key when you need to be towed out of the mud. Safer than metal chains that can swing out and hit you or your vehicle, snatch straps feature a strong nylon material. Make sure to include at least two of these straps in your towing kit.

If you are being towed out of the mud by another car, you typically need to use two snatch straps. In most cases, the length of one snatch strap is relatively short, and as a result, the towing vehicle risks getting stuck in the mud as well.

To join two snatch straps together, feed the end of one snatch strap through the eye of a second snatch strap, and then feed the end of the second snatch strap through the eye of the first snatch strap. This makes a tight knot that can hold both straps safely together.

5. Newspaper

After you have towed your 4WD out of the mud, you may find the the knot between the snatch straps extremely hard to untangle. To make it easier to untangle so you can put away your towing kit (until next time), slot a rolled up newspaper or magazine into the knot before you tighten it. The newspaper will give you a bit of leverage to untie the knot later.

For more guidance on what to include in your 4WD towing kit, contact a 4WD service, such as All Care Car Services, for tips and ideas.