Booking a car hire for your holiday is not complicated, but for those who don't rent or hire cars often, it's easy to overlook some seemingly minor details. Note a few questions you want to ask or find out about online when choosing a car hire to ensure you're not left with any unexpected fees and you know everything that's involved in the process.

1. Ask about booking fees and cancellation fees

A booking fee is usually charged by a third party company that compares prices for various car rental agencies and then allows you to book through them. In many cases, the money you save by being able to quickly find various rates through one company can compensate for this booking fee, but not always. This is why you want to check for this fee and note if you would really save by using such an agency.

Cancellation fees are self-explanatory but you need to ensure you know if there are such fees and when they might be incurred. In many cases, you won't face such a fee if you cancel a certain number of days before your rental, but this will vary according to each company's policy. Be sure you know about this ahead of time, especially if there is any risk that your plans might change.

2. Ask about international or foreign driver's licenses

It's quite usual for a car rental agency to have someone with a foreign driver's license want to rent their car, and each agency will have their own policies on what they accept. For example, some might accept any driver's license that is in English. Others might have restrictions as to countries that are acceptable, based on which side of the road they drive on. Other companies might only accept an international driver's license. Whatever their policy, be sure you ask if you're renting a car in a foreign country.

3. Be sure to ask about returning the vehicle to a different location

If your holiday involves traveling to another destination, don't assume you can just return the car to another location, even if it's to a branch of the same rental agency. This often means an added fee, and some agencies don't allow it at all. If you must return the car to another airport or are traveling one-way to a nearby city, note if you can easily drop off the car at that location or what fees would be involved so you can plan accordingly.

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