A road trip is a fun way to spend a vacation, but without a proper plan you could end up lost and frustrated. By taking some time to plan and prepare for your trip, you can ensure that you and your friends or family have a great time on the road. Follow these five tips to reduce costs, stay safe and increase your enjoyment of your trip.

1. Plan Your Route and Schedule

As well as deciding on your destination, you also need to plan your route and the stops you are going to make along the way. Look out for interesting sites and attractions that you can check out during your journey. Work out where you will make overnight stops and consider booking some accommodations before you set out so you're not left searching for a place to stay after a long day of driving.

2. Service Your Car

Don't run the risk of getting stranded at the side of the road; before you set out, book a car service to identify and address any issues with your vehicle. If your tires are looking worn, consider replacing them before you go on a long road trip. Top up the oil and wiper fluid and ensure that your brakes, lights and other vital vehicle parts are working correctly.

3. Clear Out Your Car

You'll achieve much better fuel economy if you pack light. Take the opportunity to clear all the junk out of your car before you start packing for your trip. You don't need those snow chains and antifreeze rolling around in the boot when you're going on a summer road trip.

4. Bring a Cooler Full of Food

Food is one of the biggest expenses on a road trip. Prepare some meals and snacks and store them in a cooler so you can avoid eating at numerous expensive roadside restaurants. Nuts, fruit and crackers are healthy alternatives to the high-sugar and high-fat snack options you'll find at rest stops during your trip.

5. Prepare Your Playlists and Podcasts

Before you leave home, take the time to create playlists that take into account the musical tastes of everyone who will be travelling with you. Long after the road trip is over, these playlists will evoke memories of the times you shared. As well as music, you may also like to bring along a selection of podcasts to help pass the time.