Just because you don't own your dream luxury car doesn't mean that you cannot drive one. Holidays, vacations, business trips and road trips are the ideal scenarios for renting that high priced luxury or exotic vehicle you always wanted. Luxury vehicles come with sophisticated features such as leather seats, heated seats and built-in navigation that ordinary cars don't have. If you are thinking of renting a luxury car for your next vacation or trip, there are a few things you should have in mind to ensure you get the best value out of the entire experience.

Find a genuine dealer

Choosing a trustworthy dealer assures you of a legit rental transaction. Ask the dealer for legal documents that show they either own or have leased the rental cars. Some dealers use privately-owned luxury cars to get around the technicalities of commercial auto insurance and financing. If you rent a privately owned car that's not legally insured as a rental, the owner could charge you for any damages. What's more, your insurance policy won't even cover you because the vehicle is not a legal rental.

Visit the dealership

It pays off to visit the rental company premises and see the types of luxury cars that they have. After visiting a few rental dealers, you can select one whose cars impressed you. If you have to buy a car online, ensure you can verify the credibility of the company. After all, renting a luxury car is pretty expensive, and you wouldn't want to get ripped off.

Determine your insurance needs

You should determine whether your existing car insurance policy extends to rental vehicles. If it does, find out from your insurer about the type of coverage and extent. Unlike standard cars, luxury car parts are costly, and many insurers do not cover such rentals. If your insurer doesn't cover you, you may have to purchase insurance from the rental company. Although this will increase the price of the rental, it will save you from costly auto expenses without involving your insurer.

Follow the rules

Violating the luxury car rental agreement can cost you financially. For example, if the rental insurance covers only you as the driver, you should not allow other persons to drive it. In case an accident happens with the car in the hands of someone else, you will be charged for damages. Also, don't extend the rental period as most rental companies calculate the cost depending on the number of days or weeks you are renting the car.

Renting a luxury car is a chance to experience a different level of class that standard cars don't offer. For the best experience, choose a good luxury car rental company that will provide reasonable and suitable rental terms.