Though manual transmission vehicles have dramatically decreased over the years, they are still a preference to many. Manual transmission vehicles offer a number of advantages absent in automatic cars. For starters, they have better fuel mileage. These vehicles also provide increased handling and are cheaper to maintain.

However, manual cars are prone to maintenance issues when not well taken care of. You need to be able to recognise such problems early enough to reduce your costs when making the gearbox repairs. Pay attention to your driving, the vibrations and the feel of the gears. If you care about your car's transmission, here are some of the most common manual transmission problems to watch out for.

Slipping of the clutch

One of the most common problems with manual transmission vehicles is slipping of the clutch. This usually occurs when the clutch wears out or some fluid leaks from the clutch master cylinder. You'll feel an increase in rev of the engine but won't get the expected movement from the vehicle. Such an issue can also occur if you've got bad driving practices, for instance, accelerating and shifting gears without releasing your clutch pedal. Such a sign needs immediate inspection by a qualified mechanic. Continued driving may eventually fry the transmission or put you in jeopardy.

Excessive clutch noise

If you hear noises from your clutch when shifting gears, then that's another sign of impending doom. You can troubleshoot the problem depending on the kind of noise emanating from your clutch. A high pitched squeal is a sign that the pilot bearing of the clutch is not in good condition. A quick solution to this is replacing the bearing, and you'd be better off taking the vehicle to a mechanic is you are unaware of its location.

Snapping or clicking noise from the clutch is a sign of lack of lubrication. All you need to do is purchase some lubrication and apply it on your clutch pedal.

Trouble shifting gears

If you're having trouble shifting gears, then one major cause could be a damaged synchroniser. Synchronisers are what make the gear you're shifting into move at the same speed as the gear you're shifting from. This is what creates a smooth experience.

Worn out synchronisers can produce a grinding sound. However, such a sound may also be produced by a low transmission fluid, so consider checking its amount. Take your vehicle to a mechanic, such as those found at Gearbox Express, if you suspect the synchronisers.