When you're renting a car, either for a holiday or a business trip, you want to ensure you know all the details of that rental agreement, and especially any restrictions or limitations. You don't want to face added fees or lose any type of security deposit you left on the car, simply because you didn't understand your agreement or made assumptions about how you're allowed to use the car. Note what is meant by that so you know what questions to ask at the rental counter before picking up your car, and even how to save a few dollars on that rental as well.

Unlimited mileage

A rental agency may charge you by the mile or kilometre, or may offer unlimited mileage for a flat fee. If you know about how far you'll be driving the car every day, it can be good to do some basic math and note which option will be cheapest for you. On the other hand, if you're taking the car on a holiday and plan on doing any type of sightseeing or extensive travelling around the area, unlimited mileage may be a better option. If you do choose to pay by the mile or kilometre, note that some agencies may increase the price per mile or kilometre if you go above a certain limit; always be aware of all their charges for the distance driven when making your choice.


Even if you rent an SUV or 4WD, or anything with a hitch on the back bumper, don't assume you can tow just anything behind a rental car. There may be legal limitations as to the size and type of trailer you can pull behind a sedan, truck, or other smaller vehicle; this is because some trailers may be so tall that they block your view out the back window. You also don't want to assume that you can just tie down anything on the roof or trunk; even with racks installed on the car, ask about weight and other such limitations.

Damaged cars

If you want to save money on your car rental, ask about damaged cars. These may be cars with minor blemishes that don't compromise safety, but which are obviously a bit unsightly. You may not want such a car if you need to make a good impression on business associates, but for simple commutes or to save money on a rental for a holiday, this can be a perfect solution.