If you're interested in buying a Nissan vehicle, whether it's a car, truck or SUV, you may want to know about how a Nissan auto wrecker may be able to provide you with services that could make buying your car much easier and less expensive than going to the dealership. Or if you're an existing Nissan owner who is on the lookout for spare parts, or looking to unload your vehicle, a Nissan wrecker can also be of service. Here are some commonly asked Nissan auto wrecker questions to help you.

Do They Sell Nissan Cars?

Yes, Nissan wreckers specialise in selling used Nissan vehicles, which they refer to as 'refurbished' vehicles. Refurbished Nissans have been restored, cleaned up and brought up to a level of quality that is the highest available for a used car. In some cases, engine blocks have been replaced, new batteries installed, fresh tires put on and new windscreens added to create a vehicle that looks like new. Refurbished vehicles sold by Nissan wreckers are sold at a discount, and may even be obtainable at less than used 'blue book' value.

Do They Buy Nissan Cars? 

Yes, if your car is fully paid off with no existing creditors, an auto wrecker can offer you cash on the spot for your vehicle. Wreckers even offer same-day removal, in which one of their representatives will come to your home or office, value your car, pay you cash or write you a cashier's' cheque, and arrange for the vehicle to be removed within 24 hours.

In some instances, your car is taken away on the same day. Wreckers don't just buy Nissans in working condition, they also buy Nissans that are wrecked, no longer running or in a bad state. Obviously, the price paid for these models will be much less than a used cars in good condition, but you can still get something for a junker.

Do They Sell Nissan Parts? 

Yes, Nissan wreckers sell all types of Nissan spare parts, including mirrors, headlights, bumper covers, tail lights, fuel pumps, catalytic converters, brake pad sets, brake discs, compressors, condensers, air filters, alternators, radiators, axles, and seat covers.

Spare parts are either sold new or used, with new parts referred to as Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts that are made by Nissan, and are the same parts used when the vehicle was first built. OEM parts are pricier but also more reliable and durable than used parts, including reconditioned used parts, which have been repaired or restored, but are not brand new.

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