Preparing for a move means making sure that everything is ready, packed, and going to the right location. You may want to handle most of these tasks yourself, but there is one you are considering leaving to the professionals. If you are planning on using a moving truck hire from a company like Delta Car & Truck Rentals as one of the professional services, there are a few things that everyone should know to help save money and ensure your items are taken care of for the move.

Self-Move Options

One of the options you can choose with some moving truck hires is to use a self-move option. This option allows you to hire the truck you need, load it yourself, drive it yourself, and return the truck to a pre-determined location. Though this does put more of the move itself on your shoulders, it does cost less in most cases. If you choose this option remember to ask about mileage costs and if there is a per diem on the truck should you need it for additional days.

Loading and Unloading Options

If you choose to go with a self-move option for your moving truck hire, one of your options may be to have help with loading and unloading your items. This can be a huge time saver if you are under a certain schedule and need to make sure you are moved out of one location and into another location within the same day. If you choose this option, the loading and unloading company will meet you at your locations and move your packed items onto the moving truck. They will then arrive at your destination and unload the packed boxes. They will not pack your items or unpack them.

Storage Pod Options

Some moving truck hires offer a storage pod option in addition to their other services. This is ideal if you want to use a storage pod as part of your move. With this option you can hire the storage pod, have it delivered to your home, pack it on your own time schedule, have it moved to the new location, and unpack it on your own time schedule. This may be the ideal solution if you have your own yard where a storage pod can be stored. Keep in mind that you will also need to pay a moving fee for the moving truck to pick up and deliver your pod.

These are just three things to look for when you use a moving truck hire. Make sure to check all their service options and bundles to ensure you are getting the right option for you. Also, make sure to ask about extra mileage fees or if there are any other fees associated with the hire, like deposits or late fees.