You may be planning to travel for several months, and you may be wondering about the best way to store your car while you are away. Read on and learn some tips that you can use to keep your car in good condition while you are away.

Plug the Exhaust Pipe

Rodents can easily find their way into the exhaust pipe of your car and breed from there. Their droppings can cause the exhaust pipe to corrode and break off. Stop these creatures from taking up residence inside your exhaust pipe by plugging it with a pair of old socks. Remember to remove those socks before you restart your car when you get back.

Overinflate the Car Tyres

Car tyres gradually lose pressure so you need to take steps to prevent your tyres from being damaged when they deflate while you are away. The best way to do this is to inflate them beyond their normal working level. By careful and avoid exceeding the air pressure capacity of the tyres. That maximum pressure is indicated on the sidewall of the tyres so check and know the limit you shouldn't exceed. Check this pressure and restore it to normal levels when you get back.

Top Up the Fuel

It is important to fill the fuel tank before you store your car because any empty space will be filled by air. That air contains moisture and it will condense, causing your tank to rust. Avoid this costly mistake by filling up the tank, and then add a fuel stabiliser to prolong the shelf life of that fuel in your car.

Disengage the Parking Brake                           

This may seem to be a strange step to take, but it makes sense. The parking brake can freeze up (become stuck in the lock position) when it is left engaged for a long time. You would then have to call a mechanic to help you to disengage it. Do not engage the parking brake. Wedge blocks of wood against the tyres if you have concerns that your car may roll while you are away.

Apply a Rubberised Undercoating

Protect the exposed metal parts under your car using a rubberised undercoating. Avoid applying it on the exhaust pipe or other parts that heat up as you drive because the coating can catch fire. This rubberised undercoating can also be used even if you are not keeping your car for long.

See a mechanic in case you are not sure of which additional measures to take in order to maintain the condition of your car while it is in storage.